"one day I just decided I didn't want to feel that way anymore"

Inspiring, Motivating and Educating You!

I share my story, 

the highs and lows,

the challenges, struggles and victories of my quest to live genuinely happy!

fitness, nutrition and the power of a positive mindset have been paramount in my forward progress. 

I can coach you with what I know and help you level up too!

Meet Kerri


Kerri Jahelka, founder of Dedicated Fitness Inc.2003, created the brand 'Positive is Powerful' "Become the best version of you" in 2010, as an attempt to bring what she has been learning about creating a positive mindset into her fitness facility. 

Now she is spreading the good word to people all over the world! 

Kerri has found that by focusing in, teaching you how to create a healthier mind and body, using a prescribed fitness plan and healthy balanced “diet,” along with daily motivation and encouragement, she can help you set yourself up to create the improvements in your life you wish to do, but may be struggling with on your own. 

Instead of trying to solve the puzzle by finding a few puzzle pieces at a time and wondering how they fit into your plan, Kerri wants to provide you a structure for getting started, piece by piece, transforming your health one actionable step at a time.

Level Up...

To encourage, inspire and educate...

Through words and/or actions, my mission is to ignite a fire or add fuel to an existing flame, within a person to believe in their unique potentials and work to unleash their best self.  Making others feel present, supported, and respected will ultimately improve the world we live in, because we will ultimately be giving more of ourselves to building a positive future. 
My vision is one of genuine happiness; doing what I love, loving what I do, to the best of my ability.  Trusting in a higher power, I believe there is a purpose to fulfill our strengths and overcome our adversities; to persevere, evolve, become the best we can be to help make the world a better place. 

I visualize growth in learning, contributing, health and relationships;  ultimately living peacefully, not in constant turmoil. 

To Shine a Light..

Inspirational Public Speaking
Fitness & Nutrition Coaching


I will always give you the best of what I have to give.  


I've been an active participant in my profession, continually applying and learning, analyzing and creating changes.  

My personal and professional experience gives me an angle at which I empathize with the difficulties of adapting a healthier lifestyle and sticking to it. I've found a way to improve my health, I'd love to help you...

Do what you love, love what you do!

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