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Mental Health Awareness

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

My baby plant is keeping me alive...

offering Hope to those that need it!

I’d like to help spread hope to those struggling with Mental Illness.

The plant symbolizes new life, new opportunities, new growth. When I moved back into my home, after living with family during my recovery, I bought a baby plant and ordered myself to keep it alive...

paying attention to the life of the plant is synonymous with paying attention to my own life. If I noticed the plant dying, then I was probably slowly falling back into old habits, ultimately leading to my death as well. ​ I use this plant to make sure I am being present and mindful in all that I encounter. The plant grows with sunshine, water and love as do I.

In order to move forward, we must continue to nourish our souls with plenty of sunshine, self-love, quality soil and water.

My baby plants are available, let me know if you want to keep one alive! Find strength in knowing you are not alone!.

Some see its beauty, some do not, either way, it continues to grow...with sunshine, water, quality soil and love!

It’s been nine years, my plant is still alive, and even needs a bigger pot in order to continue to grow. The plant can only grow so much in its current pot; it’s roots are maxed out, and soil limited...I am going to be transferring it to a bigger pot, allowing more opportunity to flourish.

(Why do I keep putting it off, the longer I wait, the longer I keep thinking about it but never act on it, the more I take away from it’s potential growth! Stuck in a cycle, never making time to transfer the plant. I’m worried it will die in its new soil.

Just as my plant continues to grow, so do I. Keeping the plant trapped in its current pot keeps its growth potential limited, transporting it to more soil and a bigger pot offers more opportunity for growth, synonymous with life!

Everyday a plant grows, it adds something special to the world, everyday we grow, we also provide something special to the world.

Thank you to all the psychologists and psychiatrists making a difference in the world of Mental Health. Each of you provide an opportunity to see from a different perspective. Ultimately, we are responsible for our progress, but you provide the necessary tools! Special thanks to Tina Cottone, Mike Rock and my family ❤️

I’d like to help spread hope to those struggling with Mental Illness.


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