• Kerri Lynn

To change our children’s thoughts we must first start with our own

We can not give what we don’t have...

TO TEACH love and compassion we must first see that in ourselves...

I Was fortunate to be able to stand in front of some mental health awareness supporters and say a few words the other day, while alligator size tears streamed down my face.... Our local community park was filled with BoTkach Foundation supporters, almost 800! The size of the crowd told me that Mental Health has had an impact on many; whether a personal struggle or someone near and dear battles with mental health issues... It was absolutely evident that mental health has made an impact.

This got me thinking, how can we address this cycle?

If we attempt to help our youth, but yet they are still surrounded by so much negative emotion, how can they continue to forge ahead without losing hope?

I want to give my ‘fellow people’ hope that living a fulfilling life is possible, even after diagnosis.  Feeling better (most of the time) is possible ...if and when we get the help we need!

We are so fortunate to have the BoTkach Foundation providing funding for our local youth to be able to get the professional counseling they need... your support of the Foundation, of the cause, makes a difference  and is most appreciated!

But even more than your financial donation, you can further help support the cause... Along with providing love and support for those struggling... I am asking you to be the change for our youth! 

YES... The change starts within You!

Whether situational or due to a physical impairment within our body, mental illness exists and it is real.  The other day I read a statistic... it said our subconscious mind is developed between the ages of 1 and 7...  We tie our emotions to SITUATIONS we endured at this early age. We don’t remember the situation, but we remember the emotion we tied to it. We developed a pathway in our brain at this time, we basically programmed our brain.. that says when this happens, I Will feel this way or I behave this way, or I respond like this... hence fearful, alone, angry, hopeless, anxious, sad..

It isn’t willpower that will help us Create new programming... it is tools.

....and we learn how to use those tools by working with people educated in how to use them, the mental health professionals! They have spent years learning how to help...  some of us have spent years, maybe even most of our lives, talking to ourselves in ways that create negative thinking patterns and subsequent negative emotions... Ultimately impairing our mental health. Maybe not causing a mental health diagnosis, but certainly a FIXED mindset.

 the GOOD news is,  we can redirect and change those thinking patterns... WITH HELP!  I’m not suggesting we all have mental illness, but many of us make many thinking errors, that ultimately impact our confidence, which inevitably impacts our ability to realize our potentials, ultimately limiting our joy. Many of us aren’t self aware enough to even know that we are tearing ourselves down, in-turn setting ourselves and our children up for unhappiness. 

I urge you to reflect on your own emotions... what kind of words do you say to yourself, internally and out loud, how kind are you to yourself and others? do you label and define yourself in a way that prevents you from believing in in your future self? do you cut yourself down , talk badly about yourself or others?  the words you use with your children, the way you speak to them and about them, or maybe you even ignore them... they are watching, they see you, they hear you.. they are creating their self worth now.  Your children, our children are listening! They are developing and growing right now! They want to emulate you... they look up to you! they need us!

.. it isn’t ok to say “it’s ok for someone else to get help, but not me.” That is our ego speaking.  ..it isn’t ok to consider someone “weak” for being diagnosed with a mental illness...  Let’s be the change..

If you seek help, if you start taking better care of your mind and body, be it healthier food, more activity less sedentary, some form of faith, therapy, counseling or group programs,     they WILL follow your lead!   mental illness exists. If we could make even a slight difference by taking better care of our own health, wouldn’t it be worth it!

Not only for you,

FOR THEM, the future of our community!  have courage and be kind...  We have no idea what someone is going through, has endured and continues to battle. Remember, to change our children’s thoughts we must first start with our own.

We can not give what we don’t have.

So to TEACH love and compassion we must first see that in ourselves